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The A-list stars attending this year’s show always look picture perfect for a reason: When they head to the restroom they meet up with hair stylists who touch their hair and makeup, giving them a refreshed looked before they return to their seats.

They are also a place where stars get to praise one another.

Oldman won for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour,” which focuses on the British statesman’s efforts to convince his countrymen to fight the Nazis in World War II.

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As myself, I up enduring some messages, mostly battle-sexualized in nature.During one bathroom break before the show started, Sarah Paulson declared to anyone who could hear her in in line for ladies’ restroom: “Ladies and gentlemen, Claire Foy is here and nothing else matters.We don’t have to pretend we don’t all feel the same way.” Moments earlier, Paulson and actress Amanda Peet gushed directly to “The Crown” Star about her performance.The actress accepted the award saying she would buy tequila for all the other nominees in the category.She also ribbed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which hands out the Globes, saying she still didn’t know who they are but credited them for electing a female president. Gary Oldman is the winner of the Golden Globe Award for best actor in a drama film.

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