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All any of us want is to be contented with our daily lives. No manner of mindfulness, contemplation, meditation or yoga can have any lasting change on the mind-numbingly slow and grinding process of evolution and the science of such. People's confusion does not point to a conclusion that it is a religion. The worship of deities is only the key to something everlasting life or living in a heaven.

Greg, So your opinion is based off the internet and you have likely never practiced a day of it? I come to these conversations based on what I read from the author and only contribute my own voice to counter what I feel is a diatribe of irrational and fantasy charmed people with letters after their names who have no idea of what they write about.

I'm also curious to know if an empath is born or made. So how do I square that with the factors in my upbringing that made me so sensitive to others' anger that I experience intense discomfort that I just can't shake? I can attest to much of what you've shared from my personal experience as an empath. The context has expanded (especially Spiritual) and continues to support my growing awareness. It's allowed me to shift my nutrition/fitness and lifestyle coaching to directly serve this group.

people are born empaths most people can learn to be psychic to a varing degreee it depends on the person as an impath i have learned we do not have the filters like normal people so that makes us much more special but we still have a responsility not frighten or misuse it Another article from an author with HSP who clearly feels the need to distinct herself from the emotionally unstable bunch that she believes HSP's to be percieved as. As for labels (HSP, empath), I don't really need them anymore for myself.

Highly sensitive people are typically introverts, while empaths can be introverts or extroverts (although most are introverts).

Empaths share a highly sensitive person’s love of nature and quiet environments, their desire to help others, and their rich inner life.

Being a highly sensitive person and an empath are not mutually exclusive: One can be both, and many highly sensitive people are also empaths.However, empaths take the experience of the highly sensitive person much further: We can sense subtle energy (called shakti or prana in Eastern healing traditions) and actually absorb it from other people and different environments into our own bodies. This capacity allows us to experience the energy around us, including emotions and physical sensations, in extremely deep ways.And so we energetically internalize the feelings and pain of others — and often have trouble distinguishing someone else’s discomfort from our own.To those that do, it very well be the only thing that truly matters. The mere fact that one only has to Google this inquiry and that so many are confused about this question, indicates that the matter is far from determined, one way or another. You can call it a cult..rather "occult" ;-) or anything else but it is certainly not a religion. Your choice of words reveal extreme indoctrination and "know-it-all" syndrome.For me, there are enough tenets of the practice of Buddhism that satisfy a modicum of evidence that indeed, Buddhism is in fact, a religion. Sadness and struggle is a far more prominent proponent of mammalian life and holds the keys to our dominance and our evolution. It is a lifestyle and essentially a guide for enlightenment and inner peace. People are likely confused about it on the internet because it is a somewhat esoteric topic and intentional misconceptions are spread publicly by Rothschild Zionism approved academia, currriculum, and media. Who has not commented here who has not come on this from the Internet? Buddha is the deity in the god/deity position and the search for the elusive and unattainable goal of enlightenment.

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