Sweetheart scams internet dating

Now, social networking and online dating sites are the platforms du jour.Online dating can be a great way to find people who have common interests and who you may otherwise never meet in your daily activities, but there are hidden dangers as well.When you become involved with someone, the heart rules the head for a while.You can get caught up in the other person so much, you don't see the obvious; that they're taking you for a ride.Although seeing someone's face over a video call like Skype won't automatically protect you from a scam, it's a step in the right direction.

Technology is dirt cheap, and even libraries have computers with webcams.Of course, talking on the phone, video chatting, and meeting in person would easily clear up this particular point of contention.There's an expression that directly applies to sweetheart scams; you can't see the forest for the trees.The sweetheart scam preys especially on those who are divorced, widowed, or recently single. You're emotionally unstable, and you may be craving the attention of a new partner. Scammers are superb at reading your emotional state and manipulating you. Before you know it, you're handing over hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to someone because you genuinely think they love you. They can find images of people they want to look like, create fake websites, steal personal videos, and even create hundreds of phony friends. Check places like Linked In and Google to see if the information they have told you checks out. But scammers love to operate over phones and emails.So, be aware of anyone who approaches you soon after a break up of any kind, and if money comes up, walk away. Even if everything is going great, do some digging. They'll refuse to show their real face, or meet in person.

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