Taboo online dating sites

I'm ending this crazy series with the craziest of them all - and I still can't believe this kind of dating site exists. Men "bid" on women, make an offer, and the ladies decide. Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.There comes a time when every single person wonders if they find love, and that's probably why such an odd crop of dating sites have popped up on the internet the past few years.Everyone, no matter what their peccadilloes, deserves to find someone special.If someone has a particular wish or need, there’s bound to be someone else who does, too.What are the most popular of the niche dating sites?When it began, internet dating was taboo; it had a reputation for being a bit of a last resort.

For a point of reference, this list's #1 niche site beats out popular dating site Lavalife by a good margin, whereas Plenty of Fish outshines everything here to the extreme, with an AGR of 358.All stats correct at the time of writing (who knows?Maybe in a few month 'brony passions' will take over from ..).While I love the body-positive imagery here, I just can't imagine anyone really, truly wanting to tell their friends they met at Fat Bastard Dating. This is probably the least "weird" dating site on this list, which is saying quite a bit.Still, it struck me as an extreme niche - are there really that many single, Ayn Rand lovers out there?

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