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She actually kept me from walking off the show during the second episode, after the first time I broke the rules. I represent talent — I am basically the middleman between clubs and people who take off their clothes for money. ” She was just out for blood from the start, and it just seemed like she didn’t have a good time while she was there, unless it was at someone else’s expense.

She refused to give me her phone to call the producer. She knew me before the show, and I think she was the one that got World Of Wonder to call me, after having seen me perform, although the World Of Wonder people were already aware of who I was. W., and since then they’ve been booking strippers from my company for years for their parties. People call me if they need a midget, or a six-foot-six blatino dude, and five minutes later I’ve got them some options. ” I asked her, “Well what is it called when you don’t win? The fact that she couldn’t have fun unless she was making fun of someone else was really detrimental to the morale of the show, and she wanted to make me out to be a villain. I call that my pants-off dance-off — I didn’t know any of the words! WE ALL WATCHED THE REUNION SPECIAL TO FIND OUT WHAT EXACTLY YOU DID, WHAT RULES YOU BROKE, TO GET KICKED OFF.

I mean I got into a fight with my mom once because she took my away tweezers. A bit of a wild child, I’ll never be the good girl. I don’t know if I was just lucky or good, but people kept asking me back, so I ended up being on TV a lot!

” And looking back at pictures, they were fucking chola down! I like to think a little mistressy, like I always look like someone’s side piece, but I also think I have a little bit of an edgy element. So I just kept doing it and I happened to be good at it.

Krupa has also appeared twice on the cover of Playboy and graced the covers of South African GQ and the Polish editions of Cosmopolitan, In Style, Glamour and Grazia.

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She wanted to be a sports therapist at the time, so she was taping up ankles and things like that. It was a Christmas present, she has an Emmy, and she really wanted me to do it.

Having taken ballet lessons as a child, In 2003, Krupa had a part in a fetish video titled "No Shoes, No Mercy" where she appears as a nurse, and she and another nurse take turns tickling each other while tied up.

In 2004, she starred as Jane Goody in the action film Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon.

She and her partner Terrell Owens were eliminated on the first episode.

However, because of another team's injury and disqualification, she and her partner were asked to step in and continue competing.

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