Telugu sex dat cm

The Kamasutra provides detailed descriptions of how to use fingernails on a lover's body.A light scratch on the skin, for example, should “sound” as though the two lovers were musical instruments.Every single phase of the sexual act, from salutations to parting ways, is investigated in detail.Kamasutra advises readers on how to kiss, caress, bite and penetrate, taking particular care to keep individual tastes from prevailing.

It was first published in English only in 1883, thanks to the efforts of British diplomat Sir Richard Francis Burton.

They measured themselves and reported the results to the website.

The average erect length was 16.3 cm (6.4 inches), and the average circumference (measured round the penis at its widest point) was 13.3 cm (5.2 inches).

The average increase in length is only about 1.3 cm (half an inch), although it will be slightly longer if the surgeon inserts a silicone spacer close to the pubic bone. Also, because it no longer has the support of the ligaments, the erect penis will not point as high as before.

The operation can be risky, because important nerves that carry sensation can be damaged and infection or bleeding can also occur, and unsightly scarring is common.

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