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Several authors affirm, that the root of white helle- bore dried, powdered, and snuffed up the nose with the inten- tion of producing sneezing, has caused abortions, floodings which it has been impossible to restrain, haemorrhages from the nose, suffocations, and sudden to the family of the Ranun- culaceae of Jussieu.

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A pike, placed in water containing a few drops of Prussic Acid, died in an hour and half ; he agitated himself greatly in the water.Snails, helices aquatica, and slugs, die from the contact with the Prussic Acid ; but death takes place later in some other Venenatis Acidi Borussici in Animalia Effects bus.Schrader has witnessed (memoir already quoted) that in pouring it upon a ferruginous salt, a blue precipitate of Prussiate of iron was obtained by the addition of a few drops of an alkali, and of any acid except the Nitric or the Nitro- muriatic.Ten minutes afterwards he uttered very acute plaintive cries.

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