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NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov called the draft law “an important element in safeguarding Ukrainian statehood and counteracting Russian aggression.”Yet, even with the rhetorical drumbeat against Russia coming from Kiev, some say that reverting back to Russian trade markets is the path of least resistance for Ukrainian political and business leaders stuck in old economic habits, dating from a time in the post-Soviet era when Ukraine was still a de facto vassal state of Russia’s.“Ukraine’s old trade dependence from Russia still exists in the heads of the economic actors, who still need to adapt to the new situation,” Van Herpen said, adding that many of Ukraine’s oligarchs retain close business ties to Russia.

Conversely, another line of thinking is that Ukraine has a much more diverse trade portfolio than it did pre-2014—including big boosts in trade with the EU, Canada, and China in particular—and Russia no longer has the exclusive stranglehold over Ukraine’s economy that it once exploited to bend Kiev to its will.

That trade jump included a 38.6 percent increase in imports from Russia alongside an 11.6 percent rise in Ukrainian exports to a country Ukraine’s parliament has officially labeled as the “aggressor nation.”The Ukrainian State Statistics Service had a slightly lower—yet still substantial—estimate of the growth rate in Russo-Ukrainian trade through November, putting that number at about 26 percent—which, incidentally, is the same rate at which Ukraine’s trade increased with the European Union in the same period.

Imports from Russia totaled .5 billion through November 2017, the Ukrainian State Statistics Service reported.“I do not find the slight increase in Ukrainian-Russian trade all that surprising,” Luke Coffey, director of The Heritage Foundation’s Foreign Policy Studies Center, told The Daily Signal.“Now that the war has entered its fourth year and the front lines remain stable, local trading arrangements between the two countries that have been around for years are probably starting to tick over again,” Coffey said.

And while some Russian food chains are still open for business in Kiev, others have failed in the past two years, including Yakitoria, and the Russian franchising company Rosinter’s TGI Fridays and IL Patio restaurants.

Nataliya Mykolska, trade representative of Ukraine, said it’s simply about the bottom line.“The trade turnover growth means two things.

Russia has goods in its market needed in Ukraine and vice versa,” Mykolska said Dec. “Business will always buy what is more profitable to it, and what it can buy at the lowest price with the best supply conditions.”Despite the trade growth, Ukrainian lawmakers have not let up on their rhetorical retort to Russian military aggression.

Prytula, a volunteer soldier, spent one year on the front lines in the Donbas.

Don't miss: California Parents Lived In Texas Home With ' Smeared Feces On The Walls' Before Being Arrested For Allegedly Torturing 13 Kids, Buyer Said" data-reactid="47"Don't miss: California Parents Lived In Texas Home With 'Smeared Feces On The Walls' Before Being Arrested For Allegedly Torturing 13 Kids, Buyer Said For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin heralded last year’s trade growth between Russia and Ukraine.“This is a good sign that we have fundamental resources for restoring the relations in general,” Putin reportedly told reporters in Moscow on Jan.

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