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Staff and artists associated with Jive were moved to a restructured Epic Records which is aimed to focus on (mostly) urban music.

RCA Music Group remained on its own, and even took on some of the non-urban artist from Jive, such as notable pop superstar Britney Spears.

Though the RCA/Jive Label Group was often mentioned in press releases, and the entity often appeared as a copyright and phonograph rights holder on actual releases (this changed recently as of 2010, with each individual label being credited as itself on phonograph rights), it had a less public presence and no known website.

Instead, both the RCA Music Group and the Jive Label Group operate as standalone units, but shared back-office functions and reported to CEO Barry Weiss.

Though some interpreted this move by Sony as a way of shuffling Davis out of the company, he quickly reasserted his position as a hitmaker for Sony working with artists such as Leona Lewis and Jennifer Hudson.

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RCA/Jive configuration began as the BMG Label Group during the last year of the Sony BMG merger.Australian visas are issued and recorded electronically.All visa records are stored in a central database which enables online checking of visa details by visa holders, registered Australian organisations and airline staff.After being shuffled under Sony in late 2008, the Zomba Label Group began rebranding to the Jive Label Group.Additionally, Zomba Gospel was rebranded as the Verity Gospel Music Group.

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