Updating arxiv papers

CERMINE, Ref Extract, and GROBID each excelled at different fields in the metadata.

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One of the decisions that we made early on is that, wherever the reader is ultimately directed, all of the links will point back to a resolver endpoint that we control.For example, presentation of cited references on the abstract page has become a fairly standard practice for bibliographic databases (they are “metadata”, after all), but some worry that displaying them apart from the text obscures important context (e.g.is the author criticizing a work, or building on it? We also know that some users link directly to the PDF, bypassing the abstract page entirely.We also added a few extra extraction steps of our own to be sure that we caught ar Xiv identifiers, and to supplement DOI detection.We then integrate those extractions using a likelihood-based approach: Deciding how to present extracted references to readers is by far the most challenging and complex part of this project.

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