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I've tried to find some general setting that is driving this but can't find anything that works across all files at once.

I'm also getting the "We can't update some of the links in your workbook right now.

Again, my boss doesn't get this message opening the same file.

I've tried going into the Trust Centre and External Content settings and clicking "Disable automatic update of external links". I've tried going into Advanced Settings/When calculating this workbook and turning off "update links to other documents" and "save external link values" Doesn't work and next time I open file, "update links to other documents" is clicked back on but "save external link values" remains unchecked.

I tried going into Edit Links and changing the startup prompt to "Don't display the alert and don't update automatic links" This one seems to work but I shouldn't have to do this for every single file that I open.

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In the This Workbook class module: OLE: Object Linking and Embedding can be used for other Office applications such as linking Word or Power Point to Excel.‘HTML’ suits Word tables, ‘Microsoft Word Document Object’ inserts an object with the formatting as in Word.The Edit Links dialog allows you to choose Automatic or Manual update only for OLE links.All of a sudden, every single file that I open that contains links, automatically updates from the source files.The weird thing is that when my boss opens the same file (stored on a shared drive), it doesn't automatically update.

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