Updating flash player on psp

* multi MAN internet update doesn't require USB stick anymore.

- Filemanager: L2 - Page Up, R2 - Page Down for current pane - Support for AVCHD playback from INTERNAL HDD (payload with syscall8 support required) - Support for backup of AVCHD folders to internal HDD - OVERSCAN option in the - Important fix for copying files smaller than 16KB - Support for AVCHD HDD playback with USB/SDHC/Memory Stick mount points - Convert Blu-ray (BDMV) structures saved on the internal HDD to AVCHD format - Overscan option applied to all display modes (except FILE MANAGER) - Background slide/animation uses PICPA. - Separate release for FW 1.90-3.40 (OSK not working in file manager) - Fixes, improvements and changes. - [SELECT] [X] while in filemanager with currently active net_host# will cause forced REFRESH of net_host contents - * is changed * a lot of fixes * added option to mount /dev_flash to user defined hdd folder * syscall and mount point options removed * mounting AVCHD from internal HDD now works for all payloads * overscan option applied to filemanager mode, too * version for firmware 3.15 attached, too (do not use it for FW 3.41, because On Screen Keyboard and HOST doesn't work) - Fixed PL3 /app_home mounting, added Payload Type info in [L2] Setup and in lower right corner (P=PL3, H=HERMES, G=PSGROOVE) - Added REMOTE PLAY to multi MAN and the games it launches - Left analogue stick now moves the mouse like the RIGHT one to be compatible with PSP in remote-play mode for FILE MANAGER in multi MAN - Fixed issue with "CF Card icon" displaying when PS3 has no internet connection (and possible black-screen lock-up) - Loading progress message when multi MAN starts - Improved folder scanning speed - Changed [L2] Setup menu with motion background and fixed freezing with [PS] button - Fixed game double listing - File manager rearranged to fit PSP remote-play screen and overscan TVs - Fixed folder sorting in file manager - Fixed LONG loading time - [SELECT] [L2]/[R2] - change overscan options - [SELECT] [L1] - change cover mode - [SELECT] [R1] - change content mode (GAMES/VIDEO/BOTH) - [START] - launches File Manager - No modifications will be applied to user PS3 system before accepting the Disclaimer/agreement - MP3 playback support in file manager (from local and network devices) - At the moment it is limited to 2ch 44100k Hz MP3 audio files (max 32MBs) - Fading title names on inactivity - New content folder in file manager /ps3_home - New option dim_titles=5 in - Improved copying folders/games with large number of files - Fixed MP3 mono playback (plays in stereo) - Improved COPY speed (20-25MB/s from external USB to internal) - Fade-out in file manager on inactivity - "Now playing:" info in [L2] setup screen (for testing purposes) - Fixed "white background" for some games - Some other fixes.* Covers/thumbnails for AVCHD/Blu-ray compilations created with multi AVCHD are now also displayed. After you play a song from the file manager, multi MAN will load the rest of the mp3 files from the folder as a playlist and will play them sequentially.* During playback: [START] LEFT / [START] RIGHT skips to previous/next song in any mode and [START] UP/DOWN controls playback volume * MP3 is stereo, but it will be played back through all 6 speakers in 5.1 configuration with little attenuation for the rear speakers and the LFE.BINs directly from File Manager - * Removed prompt/requirement for BD game disc when launching BSG games * Added: [START] [R2] to screen capture in RGB RAW format (to /dev_hdd0 or usb) * Added: support for games without PIC0/1/2.PNG (delete cache folder) * Added: "launch" pkg files from File Manager (install manually from XMB) * Added: Refresh/delete/copy won't change currently selected game in the list * Fixed: shadow copy function in File Manager ([R3]) - * Added: support for pads connected to any port * Added: support for BD remote controller and MOVE controller (buttons only) * Added: support for custom/theme mouse pointer * Added: support for spoofed FW 3.55 to 3.56/3.60 * Changed: display mode #3 (works faster and looks better now) * Changed: proper scroll to last game in display mode #2 - * Added: new display mode (fullpng=6) * Changed: up to 2048 files/folders in file manager - * Added: reflections to [Box art] display mode * Added: cover-boxes to [4x2] display mode * Changed: multi MAN icon - * Added: Boot progress messages * Added: Feature to rename game titles [SELECT] [O] * Added: Check if game has split files (.666xx) upon game launch * Fixed: FTP server properly shows "modified" date/time stamp /13 - * Added: new options in options.ini: [usb_mirror], [verify_data] and [download_dir] * Added: support for new version of "eboot FIX" tool (PSN-style XMB games) * Added: support for , and symbols when renaming game titles (converts (TM) (R) and (C) to , and ) * Changed: Max number of games in the list set to 2048 * Added: [START] [SELECT] restarts multi MAN * Added: RELOAD. PNG) * Added: proper detection of spoofed firmwares * Added: /ps3_home/archive folder for .mmiso.

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