Updating perl cpan

I also adapted the current version of Padre to work wit the external package and released App:: Editor Tools to provide a command line interface for those editors that need it (i.e., vim).I’ll post another screencast and the Vim scripts needed to integrate it shortly. I’m sure the Padre developers weren’t hoping to have their code absconded for those of us addicted to vim, but tsee’s recent blog post on refactoring with Padre’s lexical variable replace made me jealous—I want that for vim!So I’ll be adding Perl on the Mac and the Mac in general to the topics covered here.My first dilemma with the new Mac was which perl to use. As promised in my last post I have released a new version of App:: Editor Tools and have a number of screenshots of the new functionality.Here is what you can find in this article: The sole purpose of this article is to serve as an introductory reading for those who have never used the two together.Therefore, some knowledge of both Oracle and Perl is assumed, and although I will not try to show off my obfuscation abilities, this article still assumes that the reader has read "Learning Perl" and has some experience with Oracle RDBMS.I often have multiple terminals open and screen running in each one.

The decision not to cover the installation was made because the installation is different for each operating system, while I'd like to concentrate on the common features, the features that can be used across the whole range of supported systems.

Open up the Apple Script Editor, paste the following code and save it as -- Align selected cells across selection -- Copyright under GPL by Mark Grimes -- Saving with '\sca' in the filename creates Shortcut: Crtl Shift a tell application "Microsoft Excel" --activate tell range (get address selection) of active sheet if (get count columns) 1 then if (get horizontal alignment) is horizontal align center across selection then set horizontal alignment to horizontal align general else set horizontal alignment to horizontal align center across selection end if else if (get horizontal alignment) is horizontal align center then set horizontal alignment to horizontal align general else set horizontal alignment to horizontal align center end if end if end tell end tell I recently switched to a Mac and really miss my auto color cells VBA script for Excel.

After quite a bit of digging (and trial-and-error) I managed to recreate the functionality using Apple Script. Just like the VBA version, this automatically color codes cells to help identify inputs, formulas, etc.

This version includes Here are a few screenshots of these actions: More...

I was pleasantly surprise at the positive response to my last post on Stealing from Padre for Vim—particularly from the Padre developers!

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