Updating setup files diablo 3

They were also cagey about approximate line speeds, telling me "In this stage, we are unable to produce this answer, as we are migrating new links at BG with in next four weeks." Is Fuze really the only game in town?

Im surprised they didn't use Telstra or iinet or someone big in Perth to push fibre into the WA based states.

Has anyone heard if they're going to add exchanges or allow other companies into the area for competition? This is from Banksia Grove's Facebook page: "When the Banksia Grove development was originally set up Telstra was approached to install internet cabling but would not guarantee that fibre would be used (and no copper wiring).

As we did not want our new development to have old fashioned copper wiring we elected to go to tender to find another technology partner and appointed Fuze Connect.

We thought about getting a Vivid/iinet USB stick for data, but effectively its using 3G/4G which is pretty sluggish in comparison to Fibre (obviously) and ADSL2.

I understand Fibre is going to be quite pricey in the early stages until its pushed out into a lot more areas and when it has more competition.

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