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5 of my servers are doing just fine, faithfully completing backups every night. Observations: The back story: This server started crashing during nightly backups about a month ago.I tried everything I could think of to troubleshoot the problem and eventually had to give up because I could not keep coming to the office at 4 AM to try to get the server back online.

I'd start with the NIC(s) as the easiest item to test.I went back into my bag of trick: driving to the office and hard reseting the server over and over again when it hangs up at the Windows splash screen.I did this for 2 hours without getting a successful boot.The only things that jump to mind that you didn't mention testing are RAM and system load levels.RAM should be easy, but I'm not sure if there's anything about backup that would cause use of a bad area that wouldn't be triggered in regular use - it just doesn't fit. When backing up, it's going to be moving a lot of information both from disk and through the NIC.

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