Updating xbox 360 codecs jeroen maartense dating

This often solves the "limited or no connectivity" issue not related to the xbox 360.

Once you have the TVersity media server working perfectly, and it's accessible from the Xbox 360 dashboard, continue with the final step.

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(you can also try "divx" but i recommend "xvid")For example, if the boxes show "dx50" which is "Div X codec 5.0", change them to "xvid".Now you have to install several Direct Show filters/decoders that are compatible with the TVersity media server.A list of these programs can be found on the TVersity download page - tversity.com/download Each decoder can decode a different format, for instance, Quick Time Alternative can decode files while FFDshow can decode .divx/compressed files and 1 and 2 files.The same applies for boxes that show, "div1" through to "div6".If you type an incorrect code, it will result in an unplayable video, so it's best to backup the video first if your unfamiliar with this.

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