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Of cultures with moderate stratification, 37% used human sacrifice (17 out of 46) and the most egalitarian societies were least likely to practice human sacrifice (25%, or five out of 20).

“By using human sacrifice to punish taboo violations, demoralise the underclass and instil fear of social elites, power elites were able to maintain and build social control,” Joseph Watts says.

Afterward, "I was debating if this was an awkward sexual experience or sexual assault," and she concluded that it was assault, she told Babe.

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"By your own clear description, this wasn't a rape, nor was it a sexual assault. " Addressing "Grace," Banfield added, "What you have done is appalling.Here are some long-form articles I got value from: 1. Experiment suggests that reality doesn’t exist until it is measured [Link] 5. Sperm killers and rising male infertility [Link] 7. How the left used terrorist acts in the past with protection from liberal institutions [Link] 2. Where the small-town american dream lives on [Link] 22. The nightmare of Britain’s foreign doctors [Link] 17. Lessons from Jessica Valenti’s “Sex Object” [Link] 21. Spraying Round-up on wheat fields prior to harvest may be causing health problems [Link] I use the Five Filters app for Chrome to send articles to my Kindle for offline reading.

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