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(by the way, manga is spet M-A-N-G-A not M-E-N-G-A- ok?!) Chibi vampire is the answer to your question Orugartio!Karian Loss Jonathan Tyberius Siegfried Kirchieis Wyvern Rhadamanthys Hotaru Sadashirô Kajiki Jade Curtis Shuu Shirakawa Seishirou Sakurazuka Radium Lavans Raideth "Rai" Fujiwara Branstein Ingram Plisken Tempest Hawker Bian Zoldark Katsuya Shirogane Cancer Deathmask ...i don't know, but the latest one they have right now in English is vampire knight 9 and its chapter 39 to 43 but i think it will be out in the next two months or so. Ruka has strong feelings of love, and loyalty to Kaname Kuran.

I don't know if this is going to the author, but you can go to I recommend you investigate as many of them as you can and choose the one that best fits your personal idea of what a vampire... But this question cant realy be anwserd due to the fact that vampires dont exsist,so you can dicide for your self if vampires are scary or not.Well she does have feelings for him but i dont know why...i mean they did spend a lot of time together so i guess it's natural but she also LOVES Kaname Kuran. Rosario Vampire[Moka]-Friendly Vampire Knight[Kaname]-Neither scary neither to...The most recent chapter (59) still does not answer your question. ; )zero got bitten by a pureblood vampire, name Shizuka Hio. from the beginning it wasn't the intention of Shizuka to bite was Because zero's twin brother Ichiru felt betrayed by his own family.

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