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It didn't take long for her to text back saying that ''I thought it was in October!'' My Mistress friend checked the date with the organisers and she was right as it is on October the 6th, and I was of course wrong and that I almost gave her a heart attack with my message.By this time I was fearing the worst and logged into apple's Find My Phone with her apple ID.Her i Pad showed it was where it should be, at our house but her i Phone was in a location some ten miles away.Miss Akroyd refuses to accept her behaviour is out of order and quickly gets herself into a heated argument.

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On March 26th I sent a text message to a Mistress, one I consider to be a good friend and for her sake and mine she shall remain nameless, saying that I hoped she would enjoy the Femme Domme Ball that she was so looking forward to attending.After all, we don't blush when we speak of Arsenal FC, that's unless you are an embarrassed gooner, and we don't mispronounce Arsene Wenger because his name sounds like the part of the body where the sun shines out of Jackie Webster.Some people need to get a grip on life and grow up.We live in such a nanny wrapped in cotton wool country it beggars belief.When I was at school Uranus was was said correctly.

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