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It’s absolutely our favorite genre of music and our fans seem to love it as well.We are constantly complimented on our music choices.Xtc Tube Evaella : I love to travel and visit new places.I want to visit all the nice places and enjoy the most beautiful experience.Videochat Melaja69 : I love traveling around the world without leaving home. I love to spoil my crew with cool pics and pro cinema quality videos. Videochat Melaja69 : Cut balls…This is a joke for my crew, because I study veterinary medicine. I’m the girl who always sits in the back corner at school. But when I put on my school girl outfit and broadcast, everything changes. Videochat Melaja69 : Malejaland is a magical place where you can find a shy girl to guide you to hidden pleasures. Videochat Melaja69 : Since Xtc Tube videochat introduced OBS, I’ve had many new ideas. Coming soon is a new painting graffiti show, a new interactive toy, a Pacman show and a new, special Pirate show full of golden treasure and pleasure. Make sure to hit “Follow” Xtc Tube Evaella : The best thing about webcam modeling for me is that I can meet many people and make new friends every day! It’s also very nice when people appreciate you for who you are! I am overwhelmed by the love and support from all of the users and models here. That makes me feel sexy and comfortable in any clothing.Webcam modeling gives me the chance to make new interesting friends and learn about different cultures, likes and music. I have discovered my erotic and sensual side that was hidden by my shyness. To get a Sony A7R II would be like a perfect 69 with simultaneous orgasms. I am involved with rescue programs and sterilization programs for abandoned animals. Videochat Melaja69 : On Xtc Tube videochat , I’m Maleja69. It’s a place where you can find a group of fun people to chat with, a place where your worries and shitty days turn into laughs, orgasms and smiles. Here you can talk about anything and feel connected to the world. Come to my room, talk, be kind, become a fan and you will soon find yourself in Malejaland where you can be the DJ and request a song. Many guys appreciate my natural look, so usually I’m natural. Xtc Tube Evaella : Gift, gift, gift …awww, I have many that I like a lot, but my favorite was a lamp. Xtc Tube Evaella : They will learn everything in time.I love being a school girl during the day and a fantasy girl at night. Maleja is for Maria Alejandra and 69 is my favorite sexual position. It’s very elegant and cool and I really needed it to decorate my house, so when I received it I was very happy! My advice is to stay focused, have fun and enjoy all the time spent here.

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Some people catch me online 2 times in the same day haha! I really appreciate and respect good models, so I’m open to learn new things and meet new people! hmm, I think I like my whole house, hahah, but usually I broadcast from my bedroom. Videochat Melaja69 : I love to paint and make cartoons. Whenever I learn something new, I try to find a way to put it in one of my shows. It is a lot of work behind the scenes, but my fans really enjoy it and I feel like a kid who loves candy and has all the treats. Videochat Melaja69 : I enjoy reading, playing video games, riding my bicycle, going to the theater and learning new things.That way they can know you better and see your lifestyle! After that, I like to go out and visit some new places.I like cooking, spending some time in salons (keeps me beautiful) and I really like to watch horror movies!

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