What is validating communication

There are recommendations for nuclear communication throughout the podcast, and a Q&A at the end with Rod and fellow proponents Margaret Harding, Meredith Angwin, and Suzy Hobbs-Baker.

The plan is to follow up with a second podcast, a more narrowly focused roundtable discussion among the five of us on nuclear power outrage management.

We covered the usual basics: the hazard-versus-outrage distinction, the three paradigms of risk communication, etc.

Like many media interviewers, Richard was especially interested in whether risk communication is really just a different label for “spin,” and in what I think about the performance of the media.

I have been far too print-focused for far too long.

organized chronologically, as the other content lists on this website are. And within each topic area, it is in order of my best guess at what people are going to want to watch or listen to – with the most valuable selections for each topic area at the top, and the “just in case you’re interested” ones at the bottom.

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Then it illustrates these components with a seat-of-the-pants “outrage assessment” of genetically modified food.

This studio-produced 1994 video focuses on three key aspects of quantitative risk communication: (This video was produced in 1994 by the American Industrial Hygiene Association. With AIHA’s permission, the entire video is now available free of charge online.) Podcast for the “Atomic Insights” website, May 31, 2013 (with Rod Adams, Margaret Harding, Meredith Angwin, and Suzy Hobbs-Baker) Rod Adams runs a website called “Atomic Insights” that promotes nuclear power.

In early May 2013 he discovered my approach to outrage management, and put posts on his own website and on an American Nuclear Society website urging nuclear power proponents to learn outrage management.

This page lists all my video and audio risk communication materials – a convenient resource for people who are looking for something to play for a group, or who would rather watch and listen than read.

I have a big stack of video and audio recordings – mostly of client presentations – that are not currently online.

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