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The history and genealogy of the Dallingridge family is bound tightly to the heirs of Henry de Hertfield, who left as his inheritance four fees lying in Hartfield, Beverington (Bevendean by Lewes), Eastbourne and Alfrichston (Alfriston).is represented in Domesday Book 1086 by Walter, once as Walter de Cahagne, who held one hide in Hertevel (Hertfield) of the Earl of Moreton, 3 hides in Beverington (Bevingdean), 2 and a half hides in Essete in Willendon Hundred, 2 hides in Alfriston, half a hide at Sidenor, 1 hide in Codenore in Pevensey Hundred, 3 hides in Esthalle in Eastbourne Hundred, all of the earl of Morton, and another part of Bevendean held of earl William de Warenne with 2 hagae or houses with land and shop in the borough of Lewes, who may be the ancestor of the Sussex Knell families.But she does not show up and sends instead her son Ralph (CRR p. held a quarter fee of the earl in Hopton, Suffolk, maybe son or brother of Roger (FFH3).The three and a half fees held by William Brom were assigned in dower to Isabel, widow of earl Hugh de Albini of Sussex, and next year William's manor of Blo Norton went to Hugh's sister and heiress Nicholaa who was married to Roger de Somery.

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which had their main seats in Suffolk, Norfolk and Bedford, where Mathilde de Brom and Ernulfus de Braham appear in the Liber Niger 1166-8, and in the Red Book later; the same for Hubertus de Brome in Suffolk.

, Thomas Peverel, enfeoffed by Maud de Brom, and John Radmild have 4 fees in Hertfield, Bevendean, Eastbourne and Alfriston, and half a fee which was of Walter de Alfriston in Alfriston is contained in the four fees once of Henry de Hertfield. All held for 2 knight's fees of the fee of Mortain, suit of the King's court, and an equivalent for castle guard at Pevensey, etc. Shortly before Robert's death John Fillol had bought from who was sued in 1317 by John Filliol for one acre in Hertfield and for a quarter part of the advowson of the church.

Her heir is Robert de Brom, aged 30 and more (CIPM). 1296 the escheator had order to take into the King's hands the lands late of Maud de Brom, deceased, tenant in chief, and on June 3 Robert de Brom, son and heir of Maud de Brom of Sussex, received the lands late of his mother, having done homage (CCR). - Robert's wife was called Johanna in a court case with William, son of William Burgersh, about a messuage and land in Hertfield (SSX FF). He sells it to John for 10 marks, but Jordan Maurant and Alice and Maurice de Hodleigh put in their claim (SSX FF).

- In Hertfield, in a vaulted appartment lying beneath a house, was found a shield with the arms of Dallingridge (A Hist. His last heir in turn was John de Wardieu, recorded in 1347, whose daughter and heir Elizabeth, married Sir Edward Dalyngridge (VCH).

The family of Dallingridge originated in Dalyngregg (Dallingridge), situated between East Grinstead and West Hoathley ( also called Langeregg (SAC). In 1281 the constable of the Tower of London had order to deliver Richard, Robert Camville, Nicholas Malmeins and others, who were imprisoned in the Tower for trespass of venison in the King's park of Windsor, to certain mainpernors (CCR).

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