Who is keith richards dating

On holiday in Morocco, Anita Pallenberg left Brian Jones for Keith Richards.

She was with Richards between 19 but Keith claims that she also spent a night with Jagger in this time.

Allegedly, several tracks including ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ and ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ were written about Faithful - she also co-wrote ‘Sister Morphine’with the band.

Anna Wohlin was the girlfriend of Brian Jones at the time he died.

Apparently they were a vital component of any drugs party ‘because on acid (LSD) you suddenly get sugar lack and you’re munching away’.

One of the bars, he says, one was on a table in front of the sofa where Miss Faithfull, fresh from a bath and wrapped in a huge rabbit-pelt rug, was reclining.

The Rolling Stones are world famous for their way with women.

Although many of their girlfriends were only involved with the band for a short time, there were some who had a huge influence on the Stones’ music; inspiring or co-writing tracks.

In 1989, 18 year old Mandy Smith married Rolling Stone bassist, Bill Wyman - he was 47.

Here we reveal how he examines his disintegrating relationship with Mick Jagger, the women they fought over ... Richards says that until the mid-1970s, the pair could not be separated and made every decision for the band.

‘But once we were split up, I started going my way, which was the downhill road to dopesville, and Mick ascended to jet land.’Richards says: ‘I think it opened his eyes a bit, actually. I’m trying to say the truth here”.’It is not just Jagger towards whom he vents his spleen, and no book about the Rolling Stones would be complete without a jibe or two aimed at the Beatles. John Lennon was ‘a silly sod in many ways’ who came around to Richards’s house with Yoko Ono to take drugs.

The marriage was annulled in 1999 and it was said 'Miss You' was written for Hall.

American model and actress, Patti Hansen married Keith Richards on his fortieth birthday.

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