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While he appeared in a few scattered project (more on that a bit later), he says he took the time away from music to focus on hobbies and areas of interest for him personally, a luxury he didn’t have while working almost nonstop.

And if anything, at least Jesse hopefully gets some free haircuts out of this relationship!

His favorite song from "Departure" is "Not Your Enemy" but he also really likes "My Baby". and don't forget to be Jesse Mc Cartney fan always...lolhey! But don't corner him down and threaten him if he doesn't.

His favorite from "Beautiful Soul" would probably be "Why Don't You Kiss Her" I am not sure of his favorite from "Right Where You Want Me". well Jesse Mc Cartney for sure talks french and if you don't believe you can go to youtube and listen to his song " De Toi A Moi " its a french song. As long as he does and he doesn't have a girlfriend, then ask him.

25-year-old Jesse Mc Cartney took a stroll through Beverly Hills with his 39-year-old girlfriend Eden Sassoon, daughter of British hair dress Vidal Sassoon.

The two had no problem showing off some pretty PG PDA like holding hands and walking very, very close to each other as they ran their errands.

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