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I would be honored to come back in any way that I am able to. Novak, Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, Mike Schur to write some episodes. I loved playing that character and as long as Greg Daniels is the person in charge and the visionary behind it, then I would absolutely be up for it. That show was so great because of the talent involved behind the scenes, not just on the screen.fan's mind has got to be if the incomparable Steve Carell would ever reprise his role as the World's Greatest Boss, Michael Scott, for more 9-5 antics. Unfortunately, the Oscar nominee thinks a revival just wouldn't make sense.

Maybe it's all those Jason Bourne movie trailers, but Damon pulled away hard with over half the total votes in the end. Or more accurately congratulations to for spending our time on something this fabulous.

And he's taking a cue from the British series that started it all — Ricky Gervais' original mockumentary aired Christmas specials to conclude the show in place of a full third season.“I think the UK thing that I always have pitched and wanted to do is that Christmas special thing, where we do a Christmas special this year and then two years from now, or three years from now, we do another one,” John elaborated.

“I love that idea coming back finding out where everybody is.

(in theaters Friday), which Krasinski also directed and co-wrote.

The pulse-pounding thriller, which has earned 100% positive reviews on aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, follows a family forced to stay silent in order to protect themselves against mysterious creatures that are hypersensitive to sound.

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